The Canadian Path - Cub Scouts

Explore the Jungle

With the Cub motto, “Do Your Best”, girls and boys aged 8-10 take on new challenges with their Cub Pack, embarking on outdoor adventures and exploring a variety of fun activities like STEM projects and cultural experiences.

Welcome back to the Jungle. Just like Mowgli, Cub Scouts will be adventuring into the wonderful world of The Jungle Book. The areas 0n the Jungle Map will help the Pack choose from a variety of small adventures that will help Cub Scouts to learn new skills and progress in skills they already have—making them more well-rounded individuals.
  1. Council Rock: Leadership
  2. The Red Flower Camp: Outdoors & Bagheera’s Hunting Grounds: Environment
  3. Baloo’s Cave: Beliefs and Values
  4. Monkey City: Creativity and Personal Interest
  5. Elephant Turf: Citizenship
  6. The Swinging Bridge: Health and Fitness
And The Village: Moving to Scouts


A place to discover new things and embark on great adventures. As a Pack, Cub Scouts plan adventures like hikes, weekend camps and water activities (like canoeing and kayaking), discovering their unique capabilities and personal progression along the way. In Cub Scouts youth can sleep beneath the stars, hike with gear on their backs, eat gooey marshmallows on a stick or see an otter splashing in a stream just a few feet away.
While planning their adventures, Cub Scouts may include more than one Program Area, making the adventure more challenging and encouraging development in all of the SPICESTrail Cards are a great way for Cubs to map their plan for achieving each of the six Program Areas throughout the year. With new activities to enjoy through fun team building games, Trail Cards help Cubs discover the world around them. See Cub Scout Journey Card.


Cubs can work towards receiving Personal Achievement Badges  (PAB) using the Cub Scouts Plan-Do-Review PAB template. These badges are designed to allow youth to explore and expand skills and knowledge in areas that are of particular interest to them.  For more information, checkout the Guide to Cub Scout Personal Achievement Badges and Guide to Personal Achievement Badges for Parents.