Scouting on the Canadian Path: Adventure

YOUR Adventure starts now!

Our youth have been asking for some new meaningful experiences, things that they will not experience at school. Let’s help them get out and have those adventures.

The image of youth exploring in the wilderness is one of the first ideas that springs to mind when thinking about Scouting. Imagine Beaver Scouts catching fireflies at a local Scout camp, or Venturer Scouts taking a helicopter to a remote wilderness in the Rocky Mountains and hiking out. It’s what many members of Scouting love about the program, and it’s what compels a lot of people to come see what Scouting has to offer them.

It’s important to recognize that Adventure isn’t always something physically evident. Adventure is about exploring new things, new ideas, learning new skills, and creating new paths. Whether youth are pursuing outdoor challenges, experimenting with a STEM concepts, exploring their faith, or tackling a project related to personal expression or community development, they are growing as individuals by having new experiences.

Where kids discover their thing

It’s the start of a new year of Scouts. Which means the time to let kids be kids in the great outdoors is here!

• Scouts offers youth a world where they can safely play, make friends and develop character and confidence – all while having fun and discovering what’s best in themselves.

• Why Scouts? It provides kids with great programs and experiences to explore, cultivate and develop skills that will help them with succeed, while: building confidence; learning new skills; building their community; going on adventures; making lifelong friends and more.

• Get ready for a new year of adventure. The time to play, make friends, and have fun in the sun has come!

• It’s time to let kids be kids again. So, put the video games and movies on pause. It’s time to get back outside with Scouting!

• In Scouts, kids develop a wealth of character-building experiences that entertain, develop confidence, and nurture leadership skills for their tomorrows.

• Scouts is the perfect opportunity to prepare your kids for the real world, by letting them explore the outside world!

• While Scouts helps kids with their personal growth, it also helps with their development into exceptional team players and capable leaders. Leaders for a better future.

• In Scouts, kids see what they are capable of through hands-on experiences that are supported within an encouraging and welcoming community.

• Nothing compares to the feeling of inventing roasted campfire donuts, toasting marshmallows, building a rock bridge, or sharing campfire stories under a ceiling of stars.